contactless has landed

The future has arrived at Kinchbus, we have become the first in the UK (and quite possibly the Universe) to roll-out a space-aged way to pay for travel using your contactless bank card or mobile device. 

Contactless payments are fast becoming part of everyday life, and now you're able to purchase tickets as well as buying and topping up your Kinchkard, in just a tap. 

quick & easy

There are two ways to use contactless on our buses:

travel contactless 

Just tap on at the start of your journey, and tap off before you leave. Simple. 

You'll be charged an adult single journey for each trip, and with our day & 28 day caps in place your fares will be limited, no matter how often you travel. 

journey history 

If you travel contactless you can view your 90 day journey history here.


contactless payments

You can also make contactless payments to purchase any tickets or Kinchkard up to the value of £45.

Just ask your friendly driver for your ticket, Kinchkard or top-up amount (up to £45) then hold your contactless card or device on to the contactless reader.

You can also travel contactless or use contactless payments with your mobile devices i.e. Apple Pay & Google Pay. 

Don't worry, if cash is still your thing then it will still be accepted on all of our buses. 

changes to your Kinchkard 

If you have one of our older Kinchkards loaded with pre-paid trips you can continue to use them until they run out. 

You can then switch to contactless travel or get a new Kinchkard from your driver or online. You'll then be able to top-up using contactless payments. 

still got questions?

Read our handy FAQs on all things contactless.