travel contactless on skylink Derby 

Contactless is a quick, easy and secure way to pay for your travel. 

Just tap on at the start of your journey, and tap off before you leave. Simple. You'll be charged a single journey for each trip, and with our day & 28 day cap in place your fares will be limited no matter how often you travel.

You can also travel contactless with your mobile or smart device.

how to travel contactless:

  1. Tap on with your contactless card or device when you get on
  2. Take a seat and enjoy the ride 
  3. Tap off when you leave.

journey history 

If you travel contactless you can view your 90 day journey history here.

You'll need your debit/credit card details to log in. 



contactless payments

You'll also be able to make contactless payments when purchasing any tickets or Kinchkard up to the value of £30. 

You can also use contactless and contactless payments on your mobile devices. 

how to pay using contactless:

  1. Ask your friendly driver for your ticket, Kinchkard or top-up amount
  2. Hold your contactless card or device on to the contactless reader
  3. Take your ticket or receipt, then grab a seat.


still got questions?

Read our handy FAQs on all things contactless.