Saving the students of Loughborough!

Whether you’re studying, working or visiting Loughborough University, Kaptain Kinch has got the buses for you.

We run sprint every 10 minutes between the train station, town centre and University campus – getting you right to the heart of the University in no time at all. What’s more, buses run as late as 4am – meaning there’s plenty of time to party too!

It’s your best connection from the national rail network (picks up from right outside the station), and our bus network from the local area or beyond – with easy connections from buses serving Leicester, Derby, East Midlands Airport or Nottingham in the town centre.

Check out our handy map below. We’ll also save you a great deal too. Loughborough University students and staff get some exclusive deals on Kinchkard – buy online here. 28 day or longer term Kinchkards include free travel on sprint , no matter from how close or afar you’re coming from.