These are some of the frequentely asked questions about Kontactless. But don't worry if you can't find a solution to your problem, just give us a call on 01509 815637 or email us at talk@kinchbus.co.uk

You will need to register at mymultipass.co.uk before being able to use your card for travel. The card needs to be contactless.

I didn’t receive an SMS text message with the Verification Code

Please check your phone number is entered correctly. The code can take a couple of minutes to arrive. If, after that time, it has still not been received click “resend the code” on the registration screen.

my payment card was not accepted at registration

Please check that the card has not expired and that card details were entered correctly. If you still cannot register your card, it means your bank has declined authorisation of your card – in that case, please contact your bank.

You can also try to register with a different card.

Please note that at the moment we only accept Visa cards issued by the UK banks.

When travelling, you will need to use the card you registered.

I didn’t receive the email confirmation of my username and password

Please allow ten minutes in case email delivery has been delayed.

Also, please check your spam/junk folder for an email from Multipass. If your email has still not arrived, please contact us on 01509 815 637 or talk@kinchbus.co.uk and they can assist.

during the journey

Touch on, touch off  to travel with your contactless bank card, you need to touch on on the new Kontactless validator with the ‘Visa’ symbol, when you board the bus, and touch off when you reach your destination.

The light on the validator should be blue before a card is touched. If your card has been registered and has not been blocked, when you touch on with your card there will be a green light and a short single beep – please pass through and enjoy your journey.

If your card has not been registered or has subsequently been blocked, the light will turn red with a double beep. If you get a red light and double beep on boarding If your card is not accepted when you touch in, you will not be charged and you will have to use another means to pay for your journey.

Please check the expiry date on your card and check with your bank as there may be a problem with your card.

If you get a red light on exiting and had a green light on boarding that means your card has been added to the blocked list since boarding. You will be charged correctly for the journey made, but you will need to use another means to pay for your next journeys until your card is removed from the blocked list.

Please check with your bank as there may be a problem with your card.

I contacted my bank and they said my card is now fine

After your bank has told you that the issue with your card has been resolved, please contact Kinchbus customer services. You will then be notified via SMS/email to let you know when you can use that card for travel again.

the validator light is flashing blue or there is no light showing

That means the validator is not operational and will not accept any card touches. You will need to use another means to pay for your journey.

I touched in but then decided not to travel

Had a change of mind? Not a problem if you touch off within a few minutes at the same stop, you will not be charged.

Please note you cannot touch off immediately after touching on.

there still seems to be a problem

If there still seems to be a problem, please let us know by calling Kinchbus customer services on 01509 815637, or email us at talk@kinchbus.co.uk

how does it work out my fares

Journey charges will be done by our friends at Multipass, they will automatically calculate the best fare for your journeys, and your card will be charged up to once a day for fares due since your last payment.

unpaid fares

Sometimes, a contactless payment card is accepted when you touch in, but the payment is subsequently declined by the bank. This is an unpaid fare. If this happens, your card will be blocked. When an unpaid fare is successfully collected, your card will be removed from the blocked list and you can use it for travel again.

Payment could appear on your card statement up to 30 days after you have travelled.

I cannot find payment and journey history

You can see your journey history by logging into your account at mymultipass.co.uk

You can see savings made for multiple journeys, and the amount you will be charged. If you make additional journeys, they will also appear in your account. If you want to see your journeys and charges for another day, please select the required date from the calendar.

capping has not been applied

Capping is applied to multiple journeys made over a given period of time. You pay for every journey made until you reach the cap limit, then you don’t pay for any additional journeys on that day. This saves you money.

Currently, capping is automatically applied by Multipass over one day, 7 days or 28 days as publicised by Kinchbus.

If there’s no capping shown, then the capping limit was not reached.

I was charged incorrectly

If you believe you were charged incorrectly, please let us know by calling Kinchbus customer services on 01509 815637, or email us at talk@kinchbus.co.uk

the amount on my bank statement is different from the amount in my Multipass account

Sometimes, several charges will be grouped together.

I was charged for a journey I did not make

To ensure all card touches are captured correctly and securely, we use bank-grade technology. This ensures that all journeys are correctly recorded. If you believe you were charged incorrectly, please let us know by calling Kinchbus customer services on 01509 815637, or email us at talk@kinchbus.co.uk

my card has been lost/stolen

If your card was lost or stolen, please delete that card from your account and register a new card instead. You will not be liable for journeys made with a lost or stolen card after it was reported to your bank. We will block use of cards which banks advise us as lost or stolen.

additional information

How to use your card to travel - When you get on the bus, simply touch your card on the validator. Use the card you registered with us. It’s important to take your card out of your wallet or purse before you touch on or off, to avoid card clash. (Card clash is when the reader detects more than one card, and it may mean you are charged twice, or that the wrong card is charged.) Check there is a green light, which shows your card has been accepted. Concessionary fares You cannot currently get concessionary fares with our contactless travel, but it is something we are working on for the future.

There was no response from the validator - If you touch in and there is no response from a working validator, your card may be broken. Please contact your card issuer to get a replacement.

Contactless payment and security - Contactless payment is as secure as Chip & PIN. It uses the same secure encryption technology and there is a maximum payment amount of £30 in any single transaction.

Receipts - You will not receive a separate receipt for each journey, but you can see your full journey history and payments made by logging into your account at mymultipass.co.uk

Card expiry - If your card is about to expire soon and you are registered with Multipass, an email will be sent to remind you that your card is due to expire. This is usually done 14 days before the expiry date, with a final reminder on the day the card expires. You will have to register your new card with Multipass.

You can only have one registered card.