TEDIPAY (UK) Ltd Smart ticketing pilot (Multipass service) - Conditions of Use valid from 1 February 2017 until further notice

1. Introduction

1.1 These Conditions of Use (“Conditions”) apply to you when you are using a contactless payment card to pay as you go on any bus route enabled with such service. These Conditions set out your rights and obligations when using a contactless payment card.

1.2 For the purposes of these Conditions, a contactless payment card is a debit, credit, prepaid or charge card, or sticker that is used to make contactless payments.

1.3 To create a Multipass online account at mymultipass.co.uk you must, inter alia, provide your contactless payment card number, the expiry date and the card security code (CVV).

1.4 An online account shows your detailed journey and payment history for up to 3 months.

1.5 If your personal or card details change after you have created an online account, you must sign in and update them.

2. Using your contactless payment card

2.1 You can use your contactless payment card to pay as you go on specific bus routes operated by Kinchbus in the coverage area. The coverage area is described at mymultipass.co.uk

2.2 It is your responsibility to check the fare for your journey before you travel.

2.3 When you touch your contactless payment card on a Kontactless validator, you are giving authorisation for the cost of your journey, including any maximum fares or unpaid fares, to be charged to your card account.

2.4 So that you can check the fare before you travel, full pay as you go fare information is available at Kinchbus.co.uk. Limited information is also available at bus stops and stations.

2.5 Only one person at a time can use a contactless payment card for travel.

2.6 You must touch your contactless payment card on a Multipass validator at the start and at the end of each journey.

2.7 A blue light on a Kontactless validator means that it is ready to check your contactless payment card. If no light is displayed, the validator is not operational. If the validator is not working, you should use other means to pay for your journey.

2.8 A green light, accompanied by a single beep means that your contactless payment card has been accepted for travel. A red light, accompanied by two beeps, means your contactless payment card has been rejected. You must not go further until either your contactless payment card has been accepted for travel or you have paid for your journey by a different means.

2.9 If you do not touch in and touch out correctly, you may be charged a maximum fare.

2.10 You are not allowed to break your journey when using your contactless payment card to pay as you go.

2.11 If you have more than one contactless payment card and wish to get daily or other capping, you must choose which card you wish to use to pay for travel. You should continue to use the same card to pay for any further journeys on the same day and throughout the capping period. You should touch only the card you want to pay with on a Multipass validator.

2.12 If you have created a Multipass online account for your contactless payment card, we can only deal with the named account holder.

2.13 Damaged contactless payment cards may not be accepted.

2.14 You can see a history of your travel with your contactless payment card in your Multipass online account at mymultipass.co.uk.

3 Paying as you go with a contactless payment card

3.1 When you touch your contactless payment card on a Kontactless validator, you are authorising TEDIPAY to charge the cost of your journey, including any maximum fares or unpaid fares, to your card account.

3.2 We will charge the fares(s) for the journey(s) to your account after you have completed your journey(s) for that day. The amount charged to your contactless payment card account will be the fare(s) appropriate for the services you actually used and/or any unpaid fares owing and/or any adjustments for the previous days.

3.3 If your card is declined when we submit it for payment, you authorise us to seek to take payment using your card details again on a number of additional occasions until we receive the full payment. We will not seek payment on more than five occasions nor more than once a day nor for longer than 30 days after your payment was declined.

3.4 If you have unpaid fares for previous travel, you will not be permitted to travel using the contactless payment card that has unpaid fares against it until the amount owed has been paid in full.

4. Refunds on contactless payment cards

4.1 If you have used your contactless payment card but have paid more than the advertised pay as you go fare for the journey actually made, we may refund the amount overpaid subject to you having touched in and touched out as required.

4.2 To apply for a refund, after 48 hours and within 2 weeks of making a journey, you should either sign in to your Multipass online account or call Kinchbus customer services. Please check your online account before contacting us as in many instances your refund will have been processed automatically.

5. Useful contacts

For any issues with your account please contact Kinchbus on 01773 712265 or talk@kinchbus.co.uk

TEDIPAY & Kinchbus reserves the right to amend these Conditions at any time.