saving the students and staff of Loughborough!

Staff and students at Loughborough University can travel for free on some buses at certain times. There is no need to show ID for campus travel simply get on the bus and say hello to our lovely drivers.

free travel within Loughborough University

During term time, free travel on campus is available on both the sprint and campus shuttle buses. Monday - Friday between 7.30am 'til 4pm and between 4pm - 6pm free travel is available on the campus shuttle buses only.

Free travel is available during the day on the sprint service from the Radmoor Centre, Loughborough College to the Campus however, if you wish to travel from the University to the college you are requested to get the campus shuttle bus.Getting off at the new Towers Way bus stop where it is a short walk to the college.

During University holidays, weekends and term time after 6pm, free campus travel is available for campus staff, PHD, research, Post graduates and Holywell gym members.