contactless is coming

contactless is coming

Earlier this year, contactless payments landed on skylink Derby and, at the end of July, we'll be upgrading every ticket machine across Kinchbus to accept contactless. 

This will be the UK's first truly tap-on tap-off form of contactless travel - cue confetti cannons. 

Contactless payments are fast becoming part of everyday life, and now you'll be able to purchase tickets as well as buying and topping up your Kinchkard, in just a tap. 

quick, easy and secure

There will be two ways to use contactless on our buses.

travel contactless 

Just tap on at the start of your journey, and tap off before you leave. Simple. 

You'll be charged a single journey for each trip, and with our day & 28 day caps in place your fares will be limited, no matter how often you travel. You'll be able to check your journey history through our website. 

contactless payments

You can also make contactless payments to purchase any tickets of Kinchkard up to the value of £30.

Just ask your friendly driver for your ticket, Kinchkard or top-up amount (up to £30) then hold your contactless card or device on to the contactless reader.

You can also travel contactless or use contactless payments with your mobile devices i.e. Apple Pay & Google Pay. 

Don't worry, if cash is still your thing then it will still be accepted on all of our buses. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more information. 

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